The Bible is the holy book of Christians. It is a compilation of the scripts of Jews and Christians. Since the book is a compilation of works written by various people at different points of time, no single person can take the credit as an author. There is one common ideology that flows through the whole of the scripture. It beautifully illustrates the relationship between human beings and God from the beginning of time and God’s authority over them. This is recognized as the highest selling book even today. So let’s get to see its history.

Holy Bible

How did the book come into existence?

Like I stated earlier, there are a lot of Jewish and Catholic works that make up the Holy Bible. They were all written by different people under different circumstances. So the effort to put Bible together was not a simple task. The book is divided into two large portions, the Old Testament and the New Testament. In simple words, the history of Christians before the arrival of Jesus Christ is Old Testament, and after his arrival in the New Testament.

Old Testament:

Old Testament was believed to be written in a period where only a few people would be literates capable of writing a manuscript. The Biblical contexts state that the book was by Moses, a Godly man, who is believed to have received a vision from God of all that happened right from the creation of the earth. The scrolls of some of the works that form a major part of the Old Testament were found in the Dead Sea. Then the scrolls were excavated and brought to proper form. This book was considered as the rule book of Jews, the Orthodox Christians who lived prior to the arrival of Christ.

New Testament:

The New Testament constitutes of 4 Gospels. 4 Gospels, written by four different people has the same storyline. The Gospels begin from the birth the Christ and come to an end with his resurrection. However, these four books show some minor variations. After this comes to the works of Apostles and the history of how they stood together to spread the religion across the globe and the persecutions they faced.

The holy book took a proper form for the first time in 4th Century during the rule of the Roman King, Constantine, through the Council of Nicaea. However, the book was prone to a lot of changes, minor additions and deletions till the 13th century.


The book was first documented in the Hebrew language. Now the book holds the record for being translated into a maximum number of languages. It is also recognized as the highest selling book every single year. The book is now found in more than five recognized version, like the Good News Version, New English Translation, American Standard Version, King James Version, etc. The versions vary in terms of the language used.

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