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  • The Church Way Up North
    By Melanie Radzicki McManus | Catholicism Is Growing in a Land That Once Had One Believer | The numbers don’t sound too impressive. There are about 11,500 Catholics in Iceland — or 3.5% of the country’s total population of 325,000. But considering...

  • Evangelization You Can Live With
    By Adam Janke | Commentary | I was responsible for running a table for our apostolate after Mass at a parish in Lansing, Mich. One of the parishioners walked up to me and told me that he had driven by a car accident and was one of the first people...

  • Nothing but Christ Will Do
    By Tom and April Hoopes | User's Guide to Sunday, Dec. 21 | Sunday, Dec. 21, is the Fourth Sunday of Advent. Dec. 25 is the Nativity of the Lord (Christmas), a holy day of obligation.   Mass Readings 2 Samuel 7:1-5, 8-11, 16; Psalms 89:2-5, 27,...

  • ‘Shut Up, and Be Grateful for Your Life’
    By Rebecca Taylor | We Need to Listen to Children Conceived Through Third-Party Reproduction | Last year, Bruce Feiler wrote a piece for The New York Times in which he began by regretting the bad behavior of his family at a reunion. He wondered...

  • Reclaim Beauty
    By Joseph Pronechen | Revitalize Through Architecture and Art | Revitalizing parishes with a transcendent focus begins with the liturgy. Hand-in-hand, sacred music also is a foundational part of the revitalization. On this essential base, the next...

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