Catholicism and Protestantism are the two major groups that prevail in Christianity. There is a long list of difference between them but some of the major differences between the two groups are as follows:

Catholicism and Protestantism

The Global Leader:

As far as Catholicism is concerned, it is the Pope who has governance over the Catholic Churches all over the world and these Popes are believed to take the lineage of St.Peter, the first pope of the Catholic Church. Protestants do differ here. They believe that having to be under the Papal rule differs with the ideals of Christianity. Protestants do have a global head, but there are not any strict rules that the Protestant groups profess.

The Perspective of the Bible:

Christians and Protestants have their own understanding of the Bible. They have opposite theories to a lot of major things that are given in the Bible. To begin with, Christians and Protestants follow different versions of the same Bible. There Bible doesn’t have some of the works of Old Testament. Though Catholics do not have it under the Old Testament category, they have listed these books under a head called the Apocalyptical Books.

The Practice of the Holy Sacraments:

Catholics follow seven holy sacraments. These are mandatory in the lives of every Catholic individual. Protestants do not follow all of them. They only follow two major sacraments. Taking up priestly vows is a part of the sacrament and Catholics uphold the principles of Chastity and Celibacy. But Protestant church leaders argue that a priest can get married and still be capable of performing the holy rites. The concept of nunnery is not prevalent in Protestantism.

Saint worship:

Catholics believe in the idea of Saint-worship. They take up festivals and grand celebrations on the feast days of the legendary saints who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of Christianity and were capable of performing miracles. Catholics also adore Mother Mary. But Protestants are strongly against these two concepts. They believe saints are also human beings and it is not right to revere them as Godly people.

The Act of Ecumenism:

Despite the differences between the different groups of Christianity, off lately a lot of steps are being taken to unite them, and one such thing is Ecumenism. Ecumenism is a term that is used to represent the unity of the different groups of Christianity. The Church also celebrates something called the ‘Ecumenical Week.’ It is a week-long celebration, during which various efforts are taken to unite the people of these groups. The message of unity is spread among the Christian people all over the world. Though it is not possible to unite them permanently, they celebrate major festivals together evincing signs of love, unity, and brotherhood. The religious leaders at the regional level and the global level meet each other on a regular basis to maintain a friendly relationship brushing aside all the difference. If not in the near feature, sometime down the line the possibility of unification is believed to happen.